Bunbury PMF upgrades, Australia

QuayQuip Technical Solutions upgraded the fender systems of Inner Harbour Berth 3 (bulk woodchip) in Bunbury, West Australia. The new systems replaced existing 1600mm. Cell Fenders whose underlying concrete structure was no longer strong enough to
receive vessels of 65000DWT.

Bunbury Port Authority called for new systems that would greatly lower reaction forces and increase energy absorption, with a very low stand-off. Any upgrade had to use both the old anchors and robust new anchors built to handle the concrete condition. To minimise berth downtime, fixings had to be installed before the old fender systems were decommissioned.

QuayQuip Technical Solutions designed highly customised Parallel Motion Fenders (PMF) including tailor-made mounting frames that would attach to both existing and new fender anchors. QuayQuip Technical Solutions created remarkably compact PMF systems that could absorb twice the energy of their predecessors, while offering a reaction 20% lower and a hull pressure of only 140kPa.