Ship lock Valve Housing, Ampsin, Belgium

The Ampsin ship lock project at the River Meuse in Belgium awarded QuayQuip TS to design and manufacture valve housings. The valve housings are critical components for the operation of the newly build ship lock.

Quayquip TS fabricated a total of 4 valve bodies. The combination of large diameters, 4.0m, and relative thin wall thickness created production challenges, further that the machining tolerances were set on a more stringent level. This to comply to the allowable water leakage in the ship lock. Both the physical machining as well as the dimensions control demanded the most of our expertise. Using our QuayQuip TS calibrated 3D measurement equipment, we have been able to supply the parts within the set limits.

The castings are produced in our partner foundry in China, but the removal of the test blocks and third-party retesting of the material only took place after arrival in Belgium under supervision of the Wallonia government