Wemyss Bay Ferry Terminal Fendering, UK

QuayQuipTS delivered the complete port upgrade to CMAL’s Wemyss Bay ferry terminal. After closing the terminal at the end of the 2015 tourist season, the work on refurbishment of the terminal began. The production time was short with the facility having to open again Thursday March 24th at the beginning of the 2016 Easter tourist season. QuayQuipTS managed to deliver all goods in time, allowing for an on-time installation.

The contract to QuayQuipTS was awarded in 3 parts for the complete jetty overhaul. The first section was on the berth side of the terminal, where the primary berthing fenders consist of 7 PMF units with a double QME750 rubber element fender unit, and an outer single PMF unit with a QCN600 rubber cone fender. At the roundhead of the jetty where the ferries manoeuvre onto the berth in inclement weather, are installed 4 PMF fender units with a QCN1100 rubber cone fender providing uniform energy absorption for warping about the roundhead.

The final section of the contract was for infill fenders on the berthing side of the jetty. The infill fenders are of pivot type with a QNC500 rubber cone fender and are slightly set back from the berthing line as they act as secondary fenders.